Bayfront Plan Lacks Community Support


The Chula Vista Bayfront is a project that has been tackled by every mayor in Chula Vista for the last forty years. It has had many starts and stops. At one point, a coalition of community and environmental groups came together and agreed on a plan. That plan went out the door when a mega-conference developer,Gaylord, considered – for a brief time – that it might want to build one of their conference / hotel complexes there. When Gaylord came to town, the City and Port were tripping over themselves to court the developer.This is why they threw out the community plan and created what can be termed the Gaylord Plan.

That effort fizzled and a lot of finger pointing occurred. The Gaylord Plan no longer has a shining knight but it continues to be processed anyway. Interestingly, this plan is based on a Gaylord footprint even though Gaylord is no longer involved, and to the contrary of what is being told to reporters there is no other developer interested. Currently, there is a coalition of community groups who point out that this plan lacks community support. It also lacks the one basic point of the original plan agreed to by the community groups: a signature or landmark type park. It has strips of green here and there (think greenbelt around a condo complex) but nothing that comes close to a real park. The plan does have a large open space but that is next to protected wildlife so this space must be “passive” and should not even be called a park. Besides, it just won’t work for your typical birthday party at the park.

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