Today’s Version of the Car Wash


When we were kids, many of us had to raise money by having car washes (we quickly learned that the lemonade stand business model wasn’t profitable enough). That was then. This, as seen in the photo below, is now. Selling mattresses on street corners.

If you happen to be driving on the East side of Chula Vista on a typical weekend, you cannot escape the number of kids standing on the corners of busy streets with signs promoting a mattress sale. From the sign you can tell that it is to benefit Otay Ranch High School.

This is truly thinking outside the box. Now, how many people will see the sign wavers (and saxophone players) and think, “As a matter of fact, I do need a new mattress,” and go get one? You would think not too many people but obviously you would be wrong because the number of kids on the street corners seem to be growing. Can anyone shed light on this fundraiser especially if you have any numbers raised?

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One Response to Today’s Version of the Car Wash

  1. David Danciu says:

    I guess the school district is in more trouble than we thought. Wasn’t the phrase “going to the mattresses” included in mafia themed movies and meant a retreat to the trenches to gather forces to fight the enemy?
    I have to laugh when I think of a group of people sitting around wondering what to sell to raise money? Flowers?(overdone), candy?(overdone and competition by girl scout cookies), car wash? (a lot of work and needs expensive water). I know, we’ll sell mattresses because no one has ever tried that! I hope they have a soft prosperous landing.

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