Port is Gambling with Chula Vista’s Future


For the last forty years, every mayor in Chula Vista has tried to develop the Bayfront. In the last ten years, a lot of progress has been made with almost every regulatory body approving the current plan. All of the pieces are in place to begin development except for two small pieces. Let’s call one the “Boatyard” piece and the other one the “Signature Park” piece (See “Decision time nears for bayfront makeover”). For the last two years, while the Port pretended that these two unresolved issues didn’t exist, they festered and now, when the final regulatory approval is needed, the issues are getting more public attention.

The Port is gambling that they can continue to ignore those issues as they go before the Coastal Commission. The last time the Port took that gamble, they lost (Embarcadero anyone?). Apparently, the Port feels lucky this time but the question is why even take that chance? Instead of resolving what many feel are two easily resolved issues, why would the Port be willing to roll the dice?

Some think it’s lack of focus, others think its apathy towards the south bay, while some feel it’s just plain arrogance. Whatever the reason, it’s not good business and nothing makes a business more nervous than unpredictability.

With all of the years of planning, agreements in place, and money at stake, it is unfathomable to think that the Port is willing to take a gamble with Chula Vista’s future.

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