Moving to District Elections


The Chula Vista City Council voted to put a measure on the November ballot to see whether the City should establish district elections. The Council noted that there are many details for the ballot that need to be discussed and asked the Charter Review Commission to address them.

At their April 11 meeting, the Charter Commission discussed some of these issues including:

– should the elections remain the same or should the city consider dropping the primary election?
– how many districts should be formed? (four? six?)
– what should be the process for creating these districts?
– who should be on the panel to draw the lines?
– who should be excluded from the panel to draw the lines?
– can panel members who draw the lines run for the seats created?

While the debate of whether to have an election on the issue is over, it seems that many other related issues still need to be decided. The Charter Review Commission has already had about a dozen meetings on this topic but it’s not to late to be part of the process. If you think this is an important issue, please attend the next meeting. Check back to this post for further information.

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