Future of Transportation is Coming to Chula Vista


When mentioning visionaries, you may think of people like Thomas Edison or Henry Ford. What these great thinkers had in common was the application of technological ideas that helped society move forward. It’s a ridiculous thought but where would we be today without the lightbulb or that thing that takes you to and from work?

A more recent example of innovative transportation is what you get when you combine a bus and a trolley: “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT). This system uses modern buses running outside of traffic in their own separate rights-of-way – just like the trolley – and because they make fewer stops with no traffic delays, they tend to be faster service. If done right, this system can move more people faster and cheaper than even a traditional trolley / rail system.

Our current system of buses and trolleys have a long list of drawbacks that prevent the majority of people from using them. Most of us will not take those methods of transportation unless we have little choice. Trolleys are also becoming absurdly expensive. That is why we need to look at new ways of thinking about getting people from point A to point B.


BRT has been in the planning stage for a very long time but it’s finally going to make its debut. The middle section of East Palomar has been marked with signs announcing the transportation corridors in Otay Ranch for about ten years. Now, we may see those signs come down in the near future as construction of a new BRT system takes their place.

As defined, a “visionary” is a person who has an idea of what the future could be like. In Chula Vista, that vision of the future should have people moving where they want to go faster. A BRT system would be a good first step towards that future.


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