Need Grocery Stores, Not Promises

Haggens Store Closing

Haggens will now close the rest of their stores as more and more grocery stores around the city of Chula Vista go vacant. An Albertsons in Rolling Hills Ranch closed last year, Fresh and Easy closed two stores and now Haggens will be closing all of their stores.

Vacant grocery stores cause a lot of problems. As anchor tenants, they affect the rest of the businesses in that location since the empty stores no longer draw people there. These empty shells are eyesores that affect property values, plus their former customers must now drive (or walk) much farther to get their food – not to mention the fact that the city loses tax revenue.

No store is more important than a local grocery store. If the city really cared about its residents, it would do all that is in its power to get these stores replaced with other grocery stores.

Politicians claim during their election campaigns that they’re going to create jobs and city staff claims that they have an economic development plan for the future. All well and good but they are mere promises when what is needed is action.


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2 Responses to Need Grocery Stores, Not Promises

  1. eastlaker says:

    Has the city been in contact with Stater Brothers? Because they seem to know how to operate successfully in North County. I would think they would be the logical group to contact.

  2. Russ H. says:

    The latest in the UT today states that Smart and Final will probably take most of the closed stores in SD. Not a real fan of that chain either because their prices are not great either. Given that the city council cancels meetings left and right, my guess is that not one of them have lifted a finger on this issue. I really don’t think any of them shop. The latest from Queen Mary (the mayor) on her web page is that she is concerned that she can’t seem to find a furniture upholstery outlet. The
    Stater Bros. call is a good one but this city seems to sit by and watch rather than act. Why not? they get paid regardless.

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