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English Learner System Needs to Be Re-Evaluated

As a parent I am concerned that a child being enrolled in Kindergarten, at a public school in Chula Vista, will most likely be misidentified as English Learner (“EL”). Districts in California, in response to the Home Language Survey that parents fill out as part of the enrollment package, red flag those children that have been exposed to any other languages at home, even if the child’s dominant language is English. The over-identified pupils will then have to take the California English Language Development Test (“CELDT”), and “because only about 6 percent of kindergarten students taking the CELDT in 2009-2010 were classified English language proficient, being identified to take the CELDT almost guarantees a student’s classification as EL.” (CLPR at UC Berkeley, September 2011).
Khodadad Sharif, Esq.


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